Roll Tank Integration

Client: MAATS Tech / Seaway 7

A Squared Engineering Seaway

A Squared Case Study: MAATS Tech / Seaway 7

The challenge

Both the decommissioning and offshore wind markets are driving demand for vessels with walk to work capability. Maximising vessel utilisation is critical and vessel owner operators now more than ever are looking to give their vessels multiple capabilities to maximise the number of days in the year that they spend working. Our customer was to undertake the conversion of the Seven Phoenix with under utilised O&G J lay capabilities, and convert to enable over the stern cable lay and walk to work activities for the offshore wind market for sister business Seaway 7.

The A-Squared Solution

The customer had a challenge to improve the operational window for the walk to work system by changing the roll motion characteristics of the vessel. A SQUARED were engaged to design a 440 cubic meter capacity roll tank that would be located on the upper weather deck. A Squared worked in collaboration with the vessel owner operator and the marine consultancy responsible for the baffles to design the tank. With project stakeholders distributed across Europe a 3D Tekla model was an invaluable tool to communicate ideas, receive feedback and progress the design at pace. Engineering calculations were produced to prove that the tank structure had adequate strength to resist dynamic tank pressures and loads from the walk to work tower.

Benefit for Customer

Bespoke solution meeting the required performance standards was tailored to client’s specific needs.

A live update 3D model that could be viewed on a web browser allowed project stakeholders to comment on design in their own time removing the need for structured review meetings that can slow the process.

A class compliant design was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

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