Mid Water Arch Tether Base Repairs

Client: DeepOcean / Total E&P

Mid Water Arch Repair

A Squared Case Study: DeepOcean / Total E&P

The challenge

Significant fatigue defects were identified in the padeyes that connect MWA tethers to the primary clump weights on the sea bed. The challenge was to engineer a solution to create a new load path to transfer the tether loads into the tether base and indirectly engage the mass of the damaged clump weights. Operator client had a further stipulation that the use of ROV’s should be maximised for the subsea installation activities.

The A-Squared Solution

The A Squared Team used their significant expertise in analysing subsea structures to complete detailed strength and fatigue assessments for the tether base structures. Our engineers where also heavily involved in the design development of the spreader beam and clamps, the feed back loop between assessment of the base frame and the spreader beam was a critical step in the design process. Our engineers, present at the shore based torque trials, played an invaluable role in understanding the results and refining the installation process and torque values to ensure that the clamp would achieve the required frictional slip resistance in the field.

A SQUARED’s expertise in subsea structures, clamp design, preloaded bolts and ROV operations was leveraged to provide invaluable engineering input into the design, on shore fit up trials, clamp torque trials and subsea installation procedures.

Mid Water Arch Repair

Benefit for Customer

A Squared added real world value to the project by using our past experience to identify problems and solutions to issues that were outside of the scope our team was originally engaged to complete. We not only identified issues but brought pragmatic solutions to the table delivering a design in a 5 month design, build, test and install schedule.

For strategically important items of subsea infrastructure the consequences of failure are great, our experienced engineers left no stone unturned giving our client and the field operator confidence in the findings of our analysis.

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